Why the Grammys dont matter anymore!

The 2020 Grammys drew the show's smallest audience in more than a decadeThey call it “music’s biggest night”, but the 2020 Grammy Awards proved the institution has become tone-deaf, and even worse, irrelevant. I don't really ride with any of todays 'music' end even though I sympathize with all artists for trying their best giving us 'fashion' and 'make up' tips the only music exemption from this catwalk wannabe TV show was Alicia Keys, the only musician worthed listening to! 

The business of entertainment isn’t like it once was. The internet age, and the advent of streaming and piracy, have upended the industry norms. The gatekeepers and tastemakers who once held an inordinate amount of power are now commonly circumvented. In the old days, you had to get a record deal, get spins on radio, and spawn high record sales to be called a success. Now, artists can go straight to their fans through platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube and tour the country without ever having to interact with a record company. This change has been great for art, allowing artists to focus more on their artistry, but it has left the music industry fighting to maintain a sense of relevance. There is no real music there, nothing to enjoy, only a few gossipers watching all these awards shows so they can gossip next day through social media! Not to mention the lack of creativity from the production!

It’s a sad place to be in, considering that they also can’t get tradition right.

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