The Emo Gothic Life

That style of mine it wasn't due to fashion but due to emotional subjects. It was a period (few years back) that I was very much related to emo look and its associated subculture. Spending my youth life in England I remember the greater Manchester Police was named goths, punks and emos people of an alternative sub-culture identity in their definition of hate crimes. The Oxford English Dictionary though defines a goth as a 'performer' of goth music or anyone who adopts a similar appearance, typically through the use of dark eye make-up and pale skin colouring. It seems to me like yesterday as a fan of punk music that I was exploring the streets of London at Portobello road, Camden Town, Tavistock Road (the street that inspired Strummer's White Riot) and of course King's road in Chelsea, were a giant SEX sign once hung outside a shop of the same name shared by McLaren, the Pistols' manager, and designer Vivienne Westwood. Westwood still runs a boutique there called Worlds End. 

It was the Sex Pistols and the Clash revolution era, the British punk-rock, an undefinable group of people that were purely musical but responsible of challenging traditional gender roles and perceptions of female beauty. Even though I was never involved in issues that they had such as misogyny, homophobia and class prejudices I'm feeling blessed that I lived (kinda late) and I experienced a Punk Rock life that made me who I am today.