Early 90's...

A drummer, after years of Living all over Europe leaves from London, UK to follow his dreams in Los Angeles. He has little money but big ambitions, and the pluck and passion to see his name in lights. Day 1: Walking down Sunset Blvd, listening to Guns & Roses, having a beer at the legendary Whiskey a Go Go, he spoted many famous musicians that very first night drinking at the same bar, he felt that he is leaving in a movie set, with everything he ever wanted since the day he was born in Athens Greece to be around him, people that they were dressed like him, react like him and listening same music like him, understanding each other, loving each other, connecting with each other; he felt home, he felt safe, he felt blessed and he didn't want to change a bit of that feeling, he knew that LA was his hometown and Hollywood the place that nothing was impossible for him. Too many stories followed up this Greek drummer that lived in many countries and still today he is after the very same dream!

Too often, however, that script doesn’t have a fairytale ending. No sooner do most fledgling entertainers (like the drummer in this story) step off the bus than their dreams derail. Instead of finding gigs with his "favorite" artists, he scrounge for rent and food, for survival, for anything that he could keep him alive and strong... but he never gave up his dreams, after all these years he traveled all around the world and he continues to do so as he believes that his dream will die only when he dies!

This drummer (obviously) is me, the message to you is "Never Give Up" - thank you for reading my thoughts, I love you always. T.K.- LA 8-1-22