Dear celebrities: Stop making coronavirus all about you!

There are many articles I genuinely liked and moved with but today we need real humans with real feelings and real words, unfortunately most of "celebrities" still think that the world is turning around them! 

While much of the United States is on lockdown, scared or bored out of their wits, broke and newly unemployed, many celebrities, TV personalities and “influencers” are behaving like Nero, fiddling while Rome burned.

The hordes of the entitled aren’t quite sure how to behave. Everything has changed. How will they be aspirational? How can they show America that they too are in pain, struggling and therefore relatable/likable? Many of them have dug deep into their shallow psyches and bravely tried to show us their burden either via their own television shows or social media channels to get their daily dose of crowd-sourced dopamine. And it’s … horrific and to me simply pathetic!

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