Days before elections and still death around me, still poverty, still convictions of eldery and children, still racism, still war, still destraction, still political games, still the rich getting richer and the poor...well they just dying! The country of the free, the country of equal opportunities, the country that I loved since the day I was born (even though my heart is still in my home country, Greece that IS), the country that gave me the reason to leave all previous life privileges that I had just to breath free and to live, even for a single moment, the 'American dream', the country that I was proud to become an American citizen, the country that I respected and embraced with all my heart! Whatever happened to us?


I don't know how President Donald Trump or any president sleeps at night. I guess when you seem not to have a conscience it's easy. How else could he explain his head-spinning flip flop on a second stimulus package -- suspending talks until after Election Day, then sending out tweets hours later that contradicted himself -- when so many Americans like myself are struggling day-to-day to make ends meet?

I am one of the millions of Americans in desperate need of another stimulus check. I am one of the many whose daily lives the President seems not to care about as he plays politics with our survival....